MoI be nimble, MoI be quick

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
Hi Michael,

I just wanted to express again the ease and joy of using MoI when wanting to do something quick.

In another cad community someone asked if anyone could supply a model of standard Chain mesh fencing, I thought it would be an interesting challenge but I knew if I did it in one of my regular cad programs it would take a while in setting up and tweaking the curves to get it just right, I was ready to go to bed and thought, stuff it! fired up MoI and it took me literally 15 minutes, the way you can just move curves around accurately by just typing a value and dragging them, the use of the editing frame to squash and stretch things until they look right, it was just effortless and innate.

MoI has that hybrid cad/graphic editor feel which is unique to anything out there in every way, I have MoI up there amongst the top end cad programs costing 20X more.

Cheers and Thank you


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