MoI and VirtualBox

 From:  Michael Gibson
4334.2 In reply to 4334.1 
> A time ago, Mark Brown noticed that DirectX emulation
> under VirtualBox wasn mature enough for MoI. **

That was a while ago, so it could be worth a check to see if it has improved very much since then. (EDIT: oops I see you did already)

I think you have to manually enable the Direct3D support in it or something like that though, it's not enabled by default and MoI will need Direct3D support for its display.

> Also, is dificult run MoI under WINE or similar.

Yeah this doesn't work very well right now - first you have to use some of the winetricks methods to install Internet Explorer and after that it is still kind of flaky.

I'm hoping that MoI v3 will be more friendly for running under WINE, but I'm not sure yet exactly how that will work out.

> ┬┐Any idea for a poor newbie linux user?

You might try VMWare - I think that they have a Linux version and on their Mac version at least their Direct3D support is good enough to run MoI there.

- Michael