Distance command

 From:  Michael Gibson
4331.2 In reply to 4331.1 
Hi Felix - which version of the Distance command are you using, can you post it here? There were a couple of slightly different versions floating around.

It is possible to edit the command to set the precision to a specific value, see this previous post for a description on how to alter the command file to do that:

Maybe the version that you're using was set to a specific precision - if the precision is just not specified at all in the control it should use the "decimal display" precision from global settings.

> it marks the file as modified and though I don't really care
> I believe it would be nicer if it didn't do that.

Right now that will happen as a side effect of displaying the line between the endpoints while you are in the command.

It's probably possible to avoid that by not displaying any line connecting the 2 points as you move the mouse around - if you post the particular version that you're using I can modify it to do that if you want.

- Michael