Suggestion(s) please??

 From:  Michael Gibson
4325.9 In reply to 4325.3 
Hi Felix, quick note on this:

> this is kind of annoying, I've set this mesh angle thing to
> only 2 and check the add details checkbox.

Be careful leaving the mesh angle down this low, since it will create meshes of enormous density in other areas of the model, and if you have a more complex model it can easily bog things down by a lot.

So you should probably set it back to the default 10 degrees when you are done looking at things.

Right now the way the display works it can get kind of chunky in areas that are kind of broader but only shallowly curved - in the future I'm going to try and address that but for now the best thing is to just ignore that kind of stuff. Cranking the display mesh density way up will tend to cause you problems once you start having larger models.

- Michael