Suggestion(s) please??

 From:  Sévy (SEVY)
Hi All, Hi Mickael...

Is there a specifical tool in MoI to clean up a model from every Old operations that might have been done on it. I was thinking of something close to the "Reset X form" In 3ds MAX.

Let me explain: I'm actualy working on technical Pieces of engineering that I was given. But Those pieces Have been done With Pro Engineer. I Intend to animate and render those models in 3ds Max. But I have to soften rough edges first. Most of the time when I try to create some fillet on Edges, I encounter many problems, like rubish Lignes appearing. It Sounds to come from old Booleen Operations. It Always remains actions from the previous CG artist.
Maybe something else allowing us to intervene on the previous Actions...

I'm running out of ideas to solve my problem... What Shall I do ?