Suggestion(s) please??

 From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)

I've join a model of a leg with which I have some difficulties and I wonder if some of you guys would have suggestions to make it better.

Basically, I've used Michael general suggestion to start with basic curves in front and side view plus a custom cplane at 45 degree, did some intersection to get all the edges of leg and then used the network command. I obtain the result given in the joined model. If you look closely at the model the red circle show a problematic area. I tried to extract the right front edge (red) to "cut" the true profile I wanted using a boolean diff without success, the operation just fails.

If you have suggestion on how I should approach this and similar design, I would appreciate very much.

edit: could this be just a visual artifact again???

Thanks in advance,

EDITED: 8 Jun 2011 by FELIX