Ash alternative UI

 From:  Michael Gibson
4304.6 In reply to 4304.4 
Hi Mark, yeah I meant the SidePane.htm with the Ash UI installed, so I could see if there was any problems in it.

But looking at your PDF screenshot, you do not seem to have a lot of empty space available on your screen.

It doesn't appear to me that a large number of pallettes will physically fit in that space when they are all open. That's probably why you cannot open them all at once - when you open one if it would cause the UI to become larger than the available space, it will close a different palette. It could be possible to modify that, but that will then result in having a scroll bar appear and having some sections actually scrolled completely off screen, meaning that you would have to scroll up or down before you could access them at all.

It isn't physically possible to show like 1500 pixels worth of stuff on a 1200 pixel screen all at the same time, that's like trying to carry 20 gallons of water in a 10 gallon bucket... ;)

You could try shrinking the size of the UI like Burr was mentioning - to do that go to Options > General, and adjust the UI Size slider to the left a ways.

- Michael