Ash alternative UI

 From:  Michael Gibson
4304.13 In reply to 4304.11 
Hi Mark,

> So what vertical resolution do you recommend?

Well, it is kind of a matter of taste - it's not necessarily true that the hugest possible monitor is automatically better. It depends on your desk size, distance you are sitting from the monitor, the dot pitch size of the monitor (how dense the pixels are), etc...

There is nothing really wrong with your current monitor...

But if you want to fit more stuff on the screen all at the same time you would want to have a higher vertical resolution.

> I see monitors with ver. res. of 1080. Will that show that much more,

Well, your current vertical resolution is 1050, right? So 1080 is only 30 more pixels higher, which is not very much, something like 2 more lines of text.

> or do you have to go to a ver. res. of 1200 which seems to be the
> next step up after 1080?

Yes, that would give you more vertical space.

But MoI is already designed to work well with your current monitor already...

- Michael