Ash alternative UI

 From:  Michael Gibson
4304.10 In reply to 4304.8 
Hi Mark,

> I'll reinstall the Ash interface tomorrow and get you the files.

Actually you can skip that part - I'd say that the problem is that with 1050 vertical resolution you just don't have enough space available to show a whole bunch of palettes all once...

When you don't have enough space to fit all the open pallettes, it is normal that other ones will close - that helps keep everything displayed on the same screen so that you can activate a different palette with one click instead of potentially having it completely off screen and needing to use a scroll bar to access it.

> And here, I thought it was a pretty good monitor...8^(

Well, there's nothing really wrong with it - MoI's regular UI structure is set up to work well with things of that resolution. But with that amount of space there is not a whole lot of room to display a whole lot of stuff all at the same time...

That's why MoI's default UI is not set up in that way of trying to have a whole lot of stuff all simultaneously on the screen, because that only works well with higher resolution screens.

> Are there any alternate UI's that are based on v2?

A couple of people have posted that they were working on some, but I don't think that any complete final ones have been posted.

- Michael