TSplines for MoI?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo, yeah T-Splines is a bridging method between polygon sub-d modeling and NURBS.

Basically T-Splines makes it possible to generate NURBS surface output from a polygon control hull.

So the workflow and type of modeling that you use for manipulating T-Splines is a polygon sub-d modeling workflow...

The way it would work in MoI would be as an additional way to create a surface, but the tricky part is that it needs a whole set of sub-d modeling tools for manipulating it which are not currently present in MoI. Creating all the tools to go along with a pretty different editing style of workflow would take a lot of work. Meanwhile there is still a lot of stuff that I want to implement just for MoI's current NURBS modeling workflow.

- Michael