Problem part of a network surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
4288.6 In reply to 4288.5 
Hi David,

> The next step I had envisioned, after deleting the hightlighted
> trimed surface was to use the edge of the new "hole" as one
> rail of a Sweep to create an inside wall for the air scoop. I
> discovered that I don't have the option to do this.

But yes actually you can do that - any edge can be used as an input curve to surfacing commands like sweep, extrude, revolve, etc... - so you can draw a little curve coming off of that hole edge and then select it and run sweep and select the edge as the rail path curve.

If the edge is fragmented into some pieces, you will need to do a bit of preparation work - either select the multiple edge pieces and then run the Join command to create a new curve that has those pieces joined together to use as the rail, or you can also use the Merge command to merge together 2 edge fragments that touch each other and are smooth where they meet:

I've attached an example file where I've drawn a little curve hanging off the end of the hole - select it and then run sweep and select the edge as the rail curve.

You may want to place curves at both the start and the end of the rail in situations like this so that you have direct control over how the sweep is shaped at the ends of the sweep.

Was there some reason why you thought that you could not use Sweep along the edge of the hole?

- Michael