From:  Michael Gibson
4276.5 In reply to 4276.1 
Hi Felix, yeah so that was just a display artifact.

Did you adjust your display settings to make a rougher mesh? Because with the default display mesh settings it seems to display fine.

The settings for this are under Options > View > Meshing parameters. The default for "Mesh angle" is 10 degrees and the default for "Add detail to inflections" is on. But it's probably not a very good idea to set the mesh angle to less than the default 10 degrees because it will tend to make overly dense meshes that take up a lot of memory.

But basically the display artifact you were seeing was due to not quite enough triangles being created in that area of the model - particularly when there were too few triangles created in areas where there is a kind of "S" shaped undulation in the model shape it will tend to look like that. That kind of shape is an inflection point and that "Add detail to inflections" setting makes areas like that get broken down into more triangles to avoid these kinds of display glitches.

But also it's not possible for every kind of display glitch to be avoided because it would be too slow to try and make the display perfect, so from time to time it will be normal to see some kinds of display glitches as well.

And also I'm glad that you like MoI! :)

- Michael