Crash on export attempt in demo

 From:  Michael Gibson
4270.4 In reply to 4270.3 
Hi Nesto, thanks for posting the .DMP file - I was able to load it into a debugging tool which pinpoints the crash as occuring in the code module: igxpdx32.DLL , which does belong to the Intel video driver.

> In the Device Manager, I seem to have 2 Display
> Adapters, could this be the culprit?

Hmm, well that part probably does not indicate a problem by itself - video cards that have more than one output (that can display to multiple montiors driven from the same card) will show up as multiple display adapters like that.

But if you've got the latest drivers, that means that it's the latest drivers that are buggy, unfortunately that can happen sometimes. You may have to try finding a slightly older driver instead of the latest one when that's the case. But also make sure to check directly on the Intel web site instead of only Windows Update, because often times Windows Update does not have the latest ones.

Also that Intel integrated video is basically way far at the bottom of the heap of all video cards as far as 3D processing power goes. If you want to do much 3D work you should consider getting an nVidia or ATI/AMD dedicated card - even the least expensive dedicated card is a lot more capable than that Intel integrated stuff.

- Michael