Crash on export attempt in demo

 From:  Michael Gibson
4270.2 In reply to 4270.1 
Hi Nesto, actually exporting is supposed to work in the demo version...

When you say it crashes your computer, do you mean you get a full system "blue screen" type crash?

If that is what you are seeing it has to be some kind of driver related problem, because normal "user-mode" program code like MoI are prevented from accessing things that could crash the entire computer instead of just crashing their own process.

But drivers operate at a special level of privilege and are able to access zones of memory that can have that kind of system wide effect if they have some kind of bug in them that mangles the kernel memory somehow.

So if you're seeing a blue screen problem you should try updating your video driver (it's the most common driver to have problems since it is by far the most complex driver on the system) to the latest version that you can find on the manufacturer's web site and see if that solves the problem.

Another thing you can do is to configure your computer to create a crash dump when it hits a blue screen error - the setting for that is under Control Panel > System (or right-click on My Computer and pick "Properties"), and then the "Advanced" tab, "Startup and Recovery" settings, and under the "System failure" > "Write debugging information" setting set it to "Small memory dump (64 KB)", and set the dump directory to %SystemRoot%\Minidump.

With that set up that way when you get a blue screen it will create a crash dump file inside of c:\Windows\Minidump which may contain some information about what particular thing is causing the crash. If you can get a dump file generated (they have a .dmp file extension) send it to me and I may be able to tell which particular driver is causing it but it is by far most likely to be the video driver.

- Michael