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 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
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In poly modeling you will have not the precision of a nurbs modeler in Booleean operation or geometric construction!
A circle is not a circle, a sphere is not a sphere :)

After all depend of what do you want modelise
The more easy modeler (and free) is google sketchup !
Same ergonomy than Moi so a very speedy curve learning!
After one hour you can modelise anything (except human anatomy) :)
< Is box-modelling taking a polygon-modeled box and deforming it?
yes Google sketchup can do this :)
Fredo Scale by Fredo6 a crazzy French guy : a must of plugin! ;)

If you want make some organic thing try Sculptris (free)
Perfect for human anatomy

Have fun modeling! :)

EDITED: 5 May 2011 by PILOU