Begin / End curve ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
4237.9 In reply to 4237.6 
The only way that you would get a sweep with flipped sections like that is if you used a history update - that's if you edit the curve _after_ you have done the sweep to manually flip the profile.

The automatic twist elimination is only done when you initially create the sweep - that sets the orientation that will be used by the sweep and if you do a history update it will not be recalculated so that it won't potentially "undo" whatever kind of edit that you've done to the curve afterwards.

If you have done a history edit like that and you want to get a normal untwisted sweep, the easiest way to get that would be to just delete the sweep and make a new one, that will run the automatic orientation mechanism and your newly created sweep will have no twists in it.

- Michael