Begin / End curve ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
4237.5 In reply to 4237.3 
Hi Pilou,

> If curves have a special colors at start (green) extremities
> (color point) that will be a "+" for choose them and un rotate :)

This does not make any sense though, because Sweep does not only use a curve's natural direction, it automatically flips it if it sees that a twisted surface is going to be created.

Other commands work in a similar way, although in some cases it is the end closest to which you clicked for selection which is used for the orientation for the result of that command, but again in those cases it means you click towards the side you want to use and the natural orientation of the curve does not matter.

It's only in a handful of special plug-in commands (LineWeb is the only one that I can think of right now) where the natural orientation may be used directly by the command. And that does not really make sense to make some big special symbols in the UI which are only used by a single special plug-in command - it would instead be better to tune up LineWeb so that it uses automatic orientation like other commands.

- Michael