Begin / End curve ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
4237.11 In reply to 4237.8 
Hi Pilou,

> But I rotate (of flip) some profils (here the little arcs) after
> the sweep so the result of the sweep itself is updated !

Ok, but I'm still very confused about why you want to have some special UI for showing the start and end of the curve for this purpose?

The sweep does not use the natural start or end of the curve - when the sweep is created it decides which orientation to use automatically to eliminate twist.

You can introduce twist manually after that by a history update by specifically flipping a section - but if you want to have no twist, why would you manually create a twist?

Your first message in this thread seemed to say that you wanted to have some markers on the curves in order to get rid of twist?? Why are you then making a twist if you want to get rid of it? I don't understand this part...

There is not any need to have special marker UI to eliminate twist - that happens automatically when the sweep is created!

If you want to eliminate twist, just do the sweep and don't make the twist afterwards.... :)

- Michael