Graphics card freezing

 From:  Michael Gibson
4233.6 In reply to 4233.1 
Hi shayne, sorry I didn't read closely enough and I previously thought you were running into some kind of crash where the whole app was just completely locking up.

So for a kind of stuttering problem, turn off all those various settings that you've got forced on for MoI and make them all just application controlled, and also take a look at what you have set in MoI under the Options dialog under Options > View > Meshing parameters > Mesh angle.

The default value for Mesh angle is 10 degrees, which actually already makes quite dense display meshes.

If you went in and lowered that setting to some smaller angle, that could cause really super dense display meshes to be created which will bog things down by quite a bit.

Do things behave smoothly with the display when you don't have anything loaded at all?

- Michael