Graphics card freezing

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi shayne,

> the file I am opening is 12.8mb

That's not really very big - unless you have possibly set your display mesh settings to extremely high - what do you have for the setting in MoI under Options > View > Meshing parameters > Mesh angle ? You really shouldn't have anything under 10 degrees in that setting.

> and works fine on my work pc which is 1/2 as
> powerful as this one,

Well, being more powerful or not doesn't really have anything to do with things crashing or not - maybe I have misunderstood what you mean by "freezing" though - do you mean that it is displaying things but it is sluggish, or do you mean that the program completely locks up and doesn't respond to anything at all?

> I have attached screen shots of my graphics card set up for 3d
> does directx or explorer affect how it displays ?

Like vodkamartini says, you really should leave those settings to be all application controlled instead of forcing them to certain values for MoI - certain things particularly anti-aliasing can interfere with MoI's selection mechanism if it is forced on even when MoI has requested it to be off.

But maybe you can clarify what exactly you're seeing - when you say "freezing" what do you mean exactly? EDIT: oops I see that you did describe it, I missed that sorry.

- Michael