how to create this

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jim, do you possibly have a larger pic? That one is both kind of small and dark and that makes it hard to see exactly what is going on.

But yeah making something that is all melty looking everywhere but also branches tends to be easier to do in a sub-d modeling program which kind of naturally melts all things from the control mesh.

In NURBS modeling you would probably put in fillets or possibly blends to make smooth junctures like that.

For Blend you cut some holes and then do something like this:

However, some areas of that thing might be better built as a large piece that has holes cut in it, rather than by trying to make a tubular outline.

That would go something like this:

Something like that where you are more removing material and leaving a kind of border for the outer structure is probably an easier and better strategy for that than trying to build things from a wire tube skeleton. And it's easier to get the outside of it to be all one flush part with this method because you actually build the outside as one big full surface first before you start to remove material.

- Michael