trim/boolean/extrude command with curves

 From:  Michael Gibson
4228.18 In reply to 4228.17 
Hi ed,

> I think you could merge the plane and network commands
> to just one button, that new command could identify the result
> you expect based on the selection. Just a suggestion.

Possibly... But actually those 2 commands will currently produce slightly different output when given some of the same kinds of inputs. Like if you have a 4-sided boundary like this:

The Planar command will build a trimmed plane surface for that, while Network will make an untrimmed surface. You'll see the difference if you turn on surface control points for each of those results.

Also the Planar command actually does already have some multi use built into it currently - you can also use it to fill in planar openings on a surface object in addition to building a trimmed plane through a planar set of curves.

In the future I have to figure out where to put another kind of surfacing command called "N-sided patch", and I've been trying to think of how it might be combined with one of these as well.

But it can be a bit tricky to combine things when there are 2 different results possible from the same inputs...

- Michael