Rhino - Moi : Circle on Sphere

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ,

> I was refering to this forum :
> http://www.rhino3dhelp.com/forum/

No, that's not the main one, you definitely want the official newsgroup from rhino3d.com - that domain above rhino3dhelp.com is different, that's someone else's forum. There is also a web interface for the official newsgroup but it's pretty terrible, you really need to have a newsreader set up to work with it well. You can find the web interface though on the support page at rhino3d.com

> By the way I dont find Rhino that archaic you know, I
> really respect the software. I know snapping
> system from some modern software much more hard to use (modo ? :))

Well, don't get me wrong - Rhino's (and AutoCAD's) snapping is quite effective, particularly in 2D - by archaic I don't particularly mean "ineffective".

For snapping in 3D there are some level of being archaic that does impact workflow though, which is the parts that were designed around working on a wireframe display like I was describing previously about "onsrf". I mean basically the reason why you can't just draw a circle on a sphere in Rhino as per your original question is because with a wireframe only display where only a few isoparms of the sphere are being displayed you don't even really think about trying to draw stuff directly in the middle of a surface unlike when you are working with a shaded display.

One other part that's generally archaic is the command-line interface that kind of works like a little DOS window at the top of the screen, where you're getting all kinds of options and settings and stuff all spewed out as wads of text. That's can also be fine in the "effective" department, but it's not what people are very used to using (with AutoCAD users as a big exception).

- Michael