Rhino - Moi : Circle on Sphere

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ, also this part:

> I have tried to find some forum, but the main one dont
> accept any new users. So it's really hard to
> find a answer.

The main one is actually very active, but it's not a web forum, it's an old style NNTP (usenet-like) newsgroup. This kind of a group doesn't require you to register or set up a password or anything, so it is open to new users just in how it works.

To read it properly you may need to install an NNTP news reader software, like Mozilla Thunderbird. Set the server to news.rhino3d.com, and there will be a list of newsgroups under there, go to the rhino group.

Windows used to have a built in newsreader called Outlook Express, but I'm not sure if this is set up by default in Windows 7 or not. If you do have a newsreader set up on your system to handle the news:// protocol, then you can click on this following link to open up the Rhino newsgroup:


- Michael