Rhino - Moi : Circle on Sphere

 From:  PaQ
Ok, first forgive me if the discussion dont seeems appropriate on MoI forum.
When I have some time, I like to learn Rhino a little bit more. There are so many functions Oo.

I have tried to find some forum, but the main one dont accept any new users. So it's really hard to
find a answer.

So here's my problem,

Making this in MoI take me 2 steps :

1) create a sphere 2) selecting the circle, and draw the circle over the sphere.

Simple and easy ... now after one hour of reading the documentation, I still dont get how to do the same process in Rhino.

After the sphere creation, I click on the circle/radius tool, then tools/object snap/on object/on polysurface (I dont see this mode in the osnap bar)... then pick the center of the circle, but I cant find a way to align the circle on the polysurface normal :S

Turn me crazy ...

EDITED: 3 Dec 2015 by PAQ