saving files

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pat, it sounds like you opened the file by double-clicking on the icon for the file on your desktop.

The easiest way for you to continue with your work is to run the MoI program first (start it by going to Start / All programs / MoI beta) , and then use the File/Open command inside of MoI to open your file and continue working on it.

The way Windows works, is that it associates a particular editing program with every file extension, in this case the file extension (the ending part of the file name) is .3dm .

Rhino is set up to handle .3dm files, so any time that you try to open a .3dm file directly from the desktop, it will go to Rhino.

There isn't any way to tell Windows that some .3dm files should open in Rhino, and others should open in MoI, it's just a limitation of Windows that it will only launch one single program if you double-click on an icon.

- Michael