fixing a solid

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jim, I've attached a version that I think is all fixed up with that groove removed.

I did it using those techniques from that object repair tutorial - deleting the faces of the groove to start with, then separating out the other surrounding pieces into individual surfaces, untrimming those and then retrimming them.

The trickiest part is actually the retrimming, because when you do the untrim you get back the whole huge original surface, then you have to retrim that to the surrounding boundaries. To make good boundaries you also have to kind of start strategically at some of the bordering pieces and fix those up first before getting to the more central parts. It's kind of like fix up some of the edge pieces first to then get more restored edges to use for cutting the other parts.

Kind of complicated to explain unfortunately, there are a lot of little steps involved, the best attempt that I have at explaining it so far is that object repair tutorial above.

- Michael