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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jim,

> Anyhow, if I break things up, at that point I'm then forced
> to work on individual sections and I can't see it all together
> any more, correct?

Yeah, that's the tradeoff. But if you're exporting pieces to a renderer anyway you could view them all together there in there in the rendering environment.

Another thing you can do is just hide pieces that are making things sluggish, then you can show those big pieces to temporarily see the full thing, it's not too bad to have things bogged down when you're just doing a quick overview, then hide them again to go back to work on any one particular piece.

Another thing that can speed things up a lot is if you just hide edges in the model - often times on a complex model drawing the edges actually takes the most amount of time so if they are hidden it can make for a big display speedup.

- Michael