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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Aramis, sorry that I did not understand what you had written previously. It kind of sounded like you were trying to promote a web site with a pirated version of MoI or something like that. Sorry that I misunderstood.

> 3, Language
> Many students can not read English, the Chinese version of the
> introduction is a good thing. Otherwise, limit its promotion.

There is actually a Chinese language version available, check out here for some more information:

I do want to work on more options for 2D output in the future, such as some printing and 2D annotation type stuff.

re: cost - there isn't really a good way for me to reduce the cost by a lot, as I wrote before I've actually put the cost to be quite low in comparison to many other generally similar programs already. Trying to make something that is even lower in cost would then require a higher volume in sales for it to provide me the same income. For MoI that's not an easy thing to do because it requires a fair amount of support burden which would be greatly increased with a higher volume, and also a high sales volume doesn't happen all by itself, it requires a lot of work on marketing in order to make it happen and that's not an area that I particularly like to spend a lot of time working on.

So that's why doing an even lower cost approach than the current already relatively low price (when compared to other CAD programs) just does not work for me - it's actually not a particular business goal of mine to specifically have a huge user base, I'm kind of more focused on having a somewhat smaller user base that I'm able to work directly with more easily.

- Michael