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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Aramis, I'm glad that you like MoI!

> It's simple and elegant and beautiful pages, powerful,
> configure the minimum, but unfortunately the price
> is too high.

Actually, the price is much lower than the other software that you mentioned: Rhino or 3DS Max!

I've tried very hard to keep the price of MoI to be approachable and affordable.

> We are here to pirated or cracked versions of popular

Maybe you are not aware of this, but it is actually highly offensive to post about cracked or pirated versions in a software developer's official forum.

MoI is developed by a very small one person company, and piracy and cracked versions are very damaging to such a small business.

On one hand, I'm glad that you like MoI, but on the other hand it's hard not to find your post to be quite discouraging.

Actually, I'm a little confused whether your post is trying to do a spam-like advertisement or whether you are trying to say something in particular specifically about MoI....

I realize that your post is probably run through an automatic translation mechanism, maybe that has garbled what you are trying to say though.

If you are just trying to post an advertisement about pirated versions of MoI, please do not do that in this forum.

[EDIT: seems that it was not intended as spam actually, so removed a few extra griping comments about piracy that I had written here]

- Michael