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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Aramis, the problem is that I don't think that I really want to have 3 million users of MoI - the things that people do with MoI are complex enough that it would not be possible for me to support that volume of people just all by myself.

I would need to grow the company in size, hire a lot of people, spend a lot of my time in meetings and in management related activities... That's a lot of stuff that I don't like to do, so to me that would actually seem like a way to ruin my business, not really an improvement.

Although I would like for MoI to become more popular and more widely used over time, the kind of thing that you're talking about wiht a very low price like $20 and a very high volume like millions of users, is not really what I would like to do. There would especially need to be a big focus on marketing with that kind of strategy and that's pretty much one of the business areas that I dislike working in the most.

So I'm sorry, but the plan that you describe does not at all fit in well with my own goals...

- Michael