China paper molding some of the recommendations designed designer

 From:  张树栋 (ARAMIS1991)
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Thank you! As the friend said.

$ 20-30 will be a lot of people began to buy genuine.
New features, upgrades, continue to pay 5-10$ dollars it would be very popular.
Please select a very convenient way to pay (CHINA)

A material / texture library MOI2 users (paid 10 $ opening)
Set up a special MOI2 learning site
Three-dimensional model library MOI2 users (paid 10 $ opening)
Rendering, VARY
I believe MIO2 to over three million users, (CHINA)

Rating MOI2 rhinosr6 3dmax2011 sketchup6.0
Configuration √ - × √
File size 13MB√ 94MB 900MB 70MB√
Interface √ × × -
Plug - √ - √
Rendering - √ varyfor √ varyfor √varyfor
Modeling speed √ - - √
PLANAR - √ - -
MOI2 rendering, lighting, plug-in for more improvements.
MOI2 low price, easy to learn, rapid spread and occupy the market, and launched a series of paid services.

China has ten million students at school, they are eager to come out MOI2
China's weak intellectual property protection, designers $ 120-400, inflation, twenty more taxes, welfare is poor, life is stressful.
Stressed in a certain area MOI2 best ! Model / Toy / interior decoration

Chinese students began to try [(80%) of the interior decoration and real estate development]
(CAD → sketchup6.0 → 3dmax)
MOI2 is a revolutionary invention!