Any Way to Remove Fillet?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi YHWH_777, the tutorial that Danny links to above covers it more in depth, but the basic technique is to delete the fillet surfaces and then do an "untrim" of the surfaces that the fillet had trimmed away, and then possibly retrimming them.

There is also a smaller tutorial just on how untrim works here:

> but what if you have done a bunch of steps after the fillet
> which you would like to keep.

Sometimes for a situation like this a good method can be to go ahead and undo, temporarily erasing the new stuff that you want to keep until you get back to before the fillet, then select just some of the faces around the fillet and do a Ctrl+C to copy them to the clipboard. Then do redo until you've got back all your changes again that you wanted to keep, and now you can delete some faces and paste in the earlier unfilleted original ones that you grabbed with the Ctrl+C.

When you do this, you've got to be careful not to do any kind of editing actions while you have done the undo, because if you do any kind of editing at that point you will lose all your redos - but if you just select and copy things to the clipboard that will not disturb your redos and you can redo all the way back again. You may want to do a save before doing this just to make sure you don't lose the new stuff though.

There are also some other CAD programs that have some special "defeaturing" tools that can do stuff like fillet removal in a more automated way - SpaceClaim has some tools for this so if you need to do this often you might want to look at that.

- Michael