From:  MadTooler
I have not found a setting or option for which Unit I am currently modelling. When I open a file made in MoI in Rhino, it comes in as Millimeters. Again, in Rhino, when I am in a drawing with Inch Units, MoI files imported come in as Inch units. I am not sure if the design of MoI is Unit specific or Unit irrelevant. Please advise the approach.

I just started playing with MoI a day ago, but already see extreme potential. I currently run AutoCad, SolidWorks, and Rhino3 with RhinoCam. The CAD trend I have been watching, with great interest, is the simplification of interface to a more cinematic approach and quicker access of commands without keyboard entry. Although I love shortcuts on the keyboard that allow me to scream through drawings in ACAD while codesigners swing their arms back and forth running from one icon to the next, the smooth interface of a well planned GUI is also quite appealing.

The blend between tablet and CAD with an essentially key free control has been beyond my search and/or patience, but now I have hope. I have tried all sorts of software tweaks and physical modifications to my tablet and keyboard configuration to make CAD environments friendly to my tablet, but all have left me miserable. The goal has been exactly what you (MoI) have shot for, sitting back in the chair with pen in hand and brainstorming at the moment. I am going to dig in heavily to MoI and see how far it can be pushed. It looks great and feels good too. If it continues to impress, I think I will be forced to get a tablet PC to take it all the way.

Thanks Mike!!