Fixed length curve.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, re: manipulate curve without changing its length -

No, there isn't really any way to do that currently in MoI- it's not something that comes naturally with NURBS.

Something like that would have to be implemented as a kind of constraint system that would take your edits and then decide how to extend or contract the curve in a post processing step to modify your modification...

It could be possible to make a system like that, but it would involve a fairly elaborate mechanism with various ways to control it, there isn't any kind of inherent way to limit a NURBS curve in such a way, the fundamental structure of a NURBS curve is that it's made up of control points and if you grab and move one of the control points it modifies the curve and the curve's length changes as a result.

That kind of physical property retention in response to applied forces is kind of more in the realm of physics simulation.

- Michael