For the V3

 From:  Michael Gibson
4143.4 In reply to 4143.1 
Hi Pilou, you can hide just one particular object's faces or edges to get that kind of a result.

For this kind of a separate object thing you can't use the "Types" section of the scene browser because that targets all edges or all faces with one click. To target individual objects you need to do some selection and use the Edit > Hide button instead.

So for example to make just one object appear as wireframe edges, select one of its faces, then do Ctrl+A to then select all of its faces and then push Edit > Hide to hide those faces and you'll have just the edges of that object left being displayed, making it a kind of wire view. Doing it in that way won't affect any other object in the model.

To hide just the edges, start by selecting 1 edge, then do Ctrl+A to select all that object's edges and then do an Edit > Hide to hide those edges - that will leave its faces being displayed but edges hidden like Burr's middle example, and again these steps will only affect one object and not others.

There are also some scripts for this kind of a thing on Petr's page here:

That has some stuff like hide all faces of the selected objects, so you can set that up on a shortcut key to make just one selected object have only its edges left showing with one keypress.

- Michael