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 From:  Michael Gibson
4138.2 In reply to 4138.1 
Hi FiL - MoI will display that message if the Direct3D system returned an error indicating that it was not able to create the rendering resources that MoI needs for display.

You might check your desktop color resolution and make sure it did not get set to a lower color resolution like 16-bit color accidentally.

Another thing you might check is if the CREO installer turned off video hardware acceleration on your machine for some reason. In XP that's a setting under Advanced display properties, Troubleshoot tab, like this:

If that slider got moved to the left it will disable hardware acceleration and make the Direct3D system fail to function, so check that.

Then another thing you could check is running the DXDiag utility (go to Start > Run and type in dxdiag there to launch it) On the display tab in there see if it says that Direct3D Acceleration has been disabled and push the enable button if it is, and you might also try the "Test Direct3D" button to see if the built in tests are able to run or not.

If any of those areas of your system have had hardware acceleration turned off it could prevent MoI from being able to use Direct3D and you'll get that error message displayed.

You might also try updating your video driver to its most current version to make sure you're not running into some bug in the video driver itself.

- Michael