Offset to a different layer

 From:  Michael Gibson
4135.2 In reply to 4135.1 
Hi Nick -

> Do you have a script to offset a curve to a different layer than its parent?

There is an moi.ini flag that you can set that will make stuff like the output from Offset go to the current style instead of inheriting the input object's style.

To set it, open up moi.ini (Options > General > Edit .ini file button), and go to the [Styles] section. In there set this option to n :


With that in place then various commands that generate an output object from an input object, like offset, extrude, revolve, loft, etc... will put their output on to the current style - the current style is the one that has a ring around the outside of its swatch in the scene browser, right-click on a swatch to set it as the current style. The current style is also the one that is assigned to newly drawn objects like if you draw a line it gets assigned to the current style.

- Michael