Circle Curve Seam

 From:  Michael Gibson
4134.2 In reply to 4134.1 
Hi Colin, there isn't any .ini option set up for that, but it is possible to make that happen by modifying the command script for the circle command.

I've attached a version that should do that - copy the attached Circle.js file over top of the original version (maybe rename the original something like Circle_bak.js so you can restore it later if needed for some reason) inside of the \commands sub-folder inside the MoI's main installation folder and then when you draw a circle it should have the seam point at the south location like I think you want.

Let me know if that does what you want - it won't have any effect though if you have enabled the "vertical" option in the circle command, handling that option would be somewhat more complicated, let me know if you need that option handled too.

- Michael