Circle Curve Seam

 From:  Colin
Hi Michael,

Is there any way that the default behaviour for the seam position can be changed when first creating a Circle curve?
I'm kind of hoping that there'll be something within the script code or within the ini file that could be easily changed??

The reason I ask is that when creating jewellery models, the default position for the seam will often cause problems with the model later on.
At present, I create the Circle curve & then just rotate it 90 degrees in Z, to be at the very bottom of the ring design.
Obviously that's not very hard to do, but it'd be nice to have it in that position right from the very start.
Or at least the option to set a nominated position, especially for those that do find they're constantly needing to change it.

I've included some screen captures that I hope will help explain what I'm referring to.

regards Colin