Displayed dimensions not showing thousandths of an inch

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, that's because you've got grid snap enabled.

You probably have set the grid snap size to 0.1, is that correct?

That display at the bottom is trying to show you what coordinates would be used if you were to place a point in a drawing command at that mouse cursor location, like when you are going to draw a line it will show the coordinates that the line's endpoint will be placed at. So if you have grid snap enabled, the grid snap is applied to the coordinates that you see there.

Does it behave like you wanted if you disable grid snap?

Note that you can also hold down the Alt key to temporarily disable grid snap just for a moment, so if you want to leave grid snap on you can hold down Alt and then move the mouse around and you should see thousandths displayed just while Alt is down.

- Michael