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Here's a very simple example. (I dont have any good "carved wood" examples, so i just did this really quick)

The good thing about BobArt, is it works with geometry and not just bitmaps... Some pratice on how to stack it and choosing the emboss method, like spline, can get you looking pretty good.

So here i emobossed from a solid to get my general shape (Lots of flexability here to create the base shape of the piece with a solid) Then with some 2d only geometry, I can add other shapes to that initial base.. This could be various curve types with raised and cut dimensions.

If I wanted to go very high end, i could create a leaf shape to match an actual leaf, then create the puff (like you see here) with that shape, then apply a texture with a bitmap, which would have it be an actual leaf... (Time consuming and would require breaking it down into indivual jobs)

Anyway, if any of this intrest you, we could explore it more... Maybe some actual curves that you have??? If it vbecome too much of a BobCad thing, we could move it over there also...

BobCad file linked to here:

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