From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)
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I'm very impressed with my first real trial of MOI. After viewing a few videos from Pilou, (yes I speak french) and reading some parts of the help files, I realized the following in less then an hour.

Unfortunately, I've opted for the no save version so this is just a captured image. CAN I CHANGED THAT TO THE 30 DAY TRIAL?

There are a few things that I don't understand and I'd like your input. Observing the object (hi zoom) in the viewport, I see a lot of jagged edges almost as if there are hole in the adjacent surfaces, are these just display artifacts or something else? The reason I ask this is because I want to render object like this and would like the result to be nice and clean. There are also some part of the surfaces that look as if the normals are not right, if such things exist in NURBS. This object was build by joining surfaces and beside its name it says it's a joined surface, is there some way to make it a solid, if so, how?

May be this next question is more for Burr, now I would like to add something like a medallion centered in the middle of the curved surface, say something like on the top of wzhang nob for example. From previous posts and readings, this could be done via Z Surf but I'd like to know if there are some alternative solution that could be done directly in MOI especially for relatively simple geometry. For example, I could create the outlines I would need on a flat plane or a cplane, project them on the curve surface where I want them, then create the required profiles and use the appropriate construct tools to add volume, etc. Say that I do just that, the result would be like the medallion was just applied on the surface and not be part of the object, wouldn't it better to say make a hole in the surface, I forgot that I could possibly union the medallion with the object. I'm asking all these questions because I'm thinking of both the rendering and the toolpaths generation steps. Lastly, there is always the option of creating the medallion in BobCad/Art in part or in whole.

I think I'm looking for ideas on how one should or could proceed to do this kind of work maybe some kind of workflow. Are there "good" books one could read to kind of self trained on 3D design strategies with the idea of building the actual object?