problems with 3DM to DXF converter?

 From:  Michael Gibson
4099.5 In reply to 4099.4 
Hi Chris,

> I noted that export from Rhino OSX for use in Moi must
> be as a Rhino v4 3DM file, as a version 5 file comes up
> blank in Moi.

Yeah the same thing happens if you try to open up a Rhino v5 file in Rhino v4 as well.

For Rhino v5 they've changed the file format so that the objects stored in it are not automatically directly readable by older versions of the reading code. I'm not sure exactly why they did this, you would have to ask them.

In MoI version 3 I'll be updating to a newer version of the 3DM file I/O library which I think should then enable reading Rhino v5 files directly.

- Michael