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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, you asked:

> but I would also like to see the objects distance from the origin.

The problem is that distance is something measured from a single point to another single point.

An object is something that's made up of a lot of different points, so just saying the distance "to the object" is an ambiguous statement - you would need to specify which particular point on the object you wanted to be used for the measurement in order to make that non-ambiguous.

Some polygon mesh modelers maintain a kind of local origin for each object and then use that point for what they label the objects "position", however this is not very common for the base geometry in CAD programs because with a lot of objects that one particular point is just totally arbitrary.

> The reason I ask is that I need to move an object to a certain location in 3D space.

You can do this with the Transform > Move command.

To do it, select the object you want to move, and then run Transform > Move.

Then pick the first reference point on the object for the source point that you want to place.

Then for the second point, pick or type in the coordinates of the particular location that you want to move it to.

So for example if you have a box and you want to locate a corner of the box at one particular x,y,z point you would select the box and then run the Move command, then for the first reference point snap a point on to that corner of the box, and for the second point type in your x,y,z coordinate and push enter and that will place the box's corner at that exact x,y,z position.

More info on Move here:

- Michael