Pipe Tool History

 From:  Michael Gibson
4087.2 In reply to 4087.1 
Hi Nick - no history won't work with pipe as a side effect from how it works.

Behind the scenes, pipe basically creates a circle curve for you and sweeps it. But that circle generator curve does not stick around in the model.

That breaks history because currently history will only work if all the inputs that went into the command are currently present in the model so that they can be found and have that command reapplied to them.

Because the circle used for the sweep is not present in the model anymore, it is not accessible to the history functionality so that's why history does not work with Pipe.

I want to improve things in the future to keep deleted objects around somehow so that they can be accessed by the history mechanism. But this is not a very easy thing to set up because it may involve keeping a large quantity of data around and managing large quantities of data needs careful consideration.

- Michael