Moi meshes in Maxwell Render

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rich, over here I do get a normal tag when importing just using the standard non-Riptide OBJ importer.

But there is a setting for it, is yours possibly turned off?

Under Cinema4D v10 go to Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > Wavefront Import, and there is a checkbox there for "Import Normals", is yours unchecked?

But you're actually better off using Riptide anyway, because Riptide will read the material definitions so that colors that you have set up with styles in MoI will then come through.

The standard OBJ importer will read the material assignments for which materials each polygon belongs to, but it doesn't read in the actual material color properties.

But as far as I have seen the standard importer is able to import vertex normals if that is enabled.

- Michael