Moi meshes in Maxwell Render

 From:  Michael Gibson
4083.16 In reply to 4083.15 
Hi Rich,

> I can say it seemed to struggle with a model which had some very long, thin triangles on it.

So often times that is also related to vertex normals not coming through.

I was looking at the documentation for the C4D Maxwell plug-in, and it seemed to say that the normal tag was ignored on objects that are not entirely made up of triangles.

So you may need to change the "Output" setting when exporting from MoI to "Output: Triangles only", it looks like you currently have it set to "Output: Quads & Triangles".

Possibly once you have it set to that you may not need to dice up polygons anymore, but if that's something that Maxwell is just generally sensitive to then it still could be necessary.

- Michael