Moi meshes in Maxwell Render

 From:  Rich (LOOPCORP)
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Hi again

Actually I was having some problems again today and I'm afraid I wasn't quite methodical enough to find exactly what tripped me up but the initial solution from Michael worked well in the end. I can say it seemed to struggle with a model which had some very long, thin triangles on it. I experimented with "aspect ratio" but ended up using "divide longer than" to dice it up a little more. I used Riptide to bring in the normal data and styles came across as very useful poly selection tags (thanks for that tip, Michael).

I also tried a standard OBJ import but that gave me shading errors. I tried the idea of deleting the normal tags and fiddled with the phong tag from 40° down to 1° but I have to say it didn't work for me on this geometry. Likewise I had a go with the script tip from L_AN but unfortunately that really screwed up my model, breaking a lot of the booleaned parts of the logo plaque. I imagine that a lot of these techniques can be dependent on the type of model you are building.

Can I just thank all of you for all the ideas on this problem, hopefully it helped some others too.