Moi meshes in Maxwell Render

 From:  Rich (LOOPCORP)
I think that this is more a problem with Maxwell than Moi but I thought I may as well post here too.

Has anyone else got a successful formula for using Moi3d and Maxwell together. I just can't get it to render cleanly. You can see my problem here:

It renders OK in Cinema 4D's native renderer but not Maxwell. I've tried all kinds of settings for the exported mesh - nGons, quads & tri's, tri's only (although it's always meshed to triangles by the time it hits Maxwell anyway) but nothing seems to work.

It's a shame because certain forms really lend themselves to Moi 3d rather than a SubD modeller but as long as I'm rendering in Maxwell it seems I can't use it.

EDITED: 4 Mar 2011 by LOOPCORP